JOUR 101: Blog #8 – Media Effects on Society

In my opinion, the media has had a big effect on society today. In today’s fast paced society, people tend to say they are too busy for face-to-face meetings and who wants to wait for the US mail system for checks, statements or correspondence? Media also impacted the society in how much the things you hear or see impact how you feel about them. There are many articles published in online articles or magazines that may not be true, but because they are in the media we as a group of people tend to believe this information is fact.

When I was growing up we didn’t have cell phones and tablets available and actually had face-to-face interaction with our friends and peers. Today, it seems like it is rare to see people of all ages walking around without cell phones, kindles, iTouches, or handheld gaming devices yet alone having a discussion without grabbing for their phone. The media and technology available has and will continue to change our interaction with other human beings. I do appreciate the convenience that phones, Internet, TV, and tablets have brought to the world but I noticed in myself that I have become horrible with face-to-face interaction or even phone calls. I am a total product of this era thanks to all of the growing technology.

Overall, I definitely think media has changed the society and does have play a big role in our society today. The media is everywhere and it seems like you can hear or read about anyone/anything in the world because of the media and their ability to share information with the public. I think the effects are both good and bad depending on the information being shared. For example, the media can write a story about the world ending in a year or two and for some reason, half of the world is going to believe this information as fact because they read it one time in the media. Here is just one example of the many that are out there on the effects the media can have on society.


JOUR 101: Final – Blog #7 – Advertising

One thing that hasn’t changed over the years of mass media being available is advertising… Whether you are browsing the Internet, a magazine or listening to the radio, you are bound to hear or see an advertisement. There are times I cannot even view a video on YouTube or continue playing one of my free games without seeing or skipping an advertisement.With the large increase in availability to find what used to only be available in magazines, companies have had to find other sources of advertising revenue so I can understand why they are everywhere online and on games on my phone. Although these advertisements can get annoying, companies realize the importance of placement and almost always attract me to view their webpage sooner or later.

I think with the increase in technological capabilities many companies had to change their advertising strategies to catch the attention of their target audience. For example, I remember years ago I used to see advertisements in catalogs and magazines and not so much on the Internet; whereas, I can’t miss one on the net today. The same audience is probably not reading magazines as much anymore and had to move to the Internet to find the same audience elsewhere. Another example of advertisement is on the TV, I am sure companies have struggled with attracting new customers via TV with things such as DVR where you can skip past all of the commercials or change the channel to avoid them.

Although I find advertisements very annoying, I do understand the importance they have in the mass media area. Advertisements keep different media options such as newspapers, magazines and radios funded and able to overcome the decline in using such options. I would much rather press skip or answer a question or two to browse a story on the Internet then have to pay a daily or monthly fees that could possibly occur without advertisements.

JOUR 101 – Final – Blog #6 Internet

Blog 6: Internet

The Internet is among my top rated mass media options! I was using the provider Starband for years until they stopped service here on September 30 and I’ve had issues with Internet since. I never knew how heavily I depend on it until I no longer had access. I use the Internet for personal use, work use and school use and not having steady access was a huge problem considering the other two provider options are hit-and-miss and work when they want to.

When I am not having problems with connection, I enjoy using the Internet to connect to Facebook, do my schoolwork, order items for my daughter and myself, and download apps. There are a variety of things on my phone that are dependent on having reliable Internet access without it I am sure I would be pretty bored when I am trying to relax. I am addicted to all games by the maker King that created the apps Candy Crush, Candy Crush Soda, Farm Heroes, Pet Rescue, etc. and am addicted to basically every app I just listed. The net allows me to connect to Facebook to compare scores with friends, ask for lives or help getting to new levels.

I have used the net for many years now and appreciate the convenience it has brought to my life with things such as ordering clothes online as opposed to shopping by catalogs or sending an email to a friend or coworker instead of sending a letter via US Postal Service. Considering how programs such as email rely on Internet to work properly, I like how cell phones come with data plans as a back up for if my Internet is not working I can try another way.

The net is a necessity in today’s fast paced society no matter where you are or what you are doing the net can help speed up the process. It can also be an entertainment factor making time go by quicker or a helpful tool when doing an assignment for school.

JOUR 101: Final – Blog 5 – Motion Pictures

Blog 5: Motion Picture

It is crazy how much motion pictures, or movies, have changed over the years. I remember as a child watching VHS tapes to watching DVDs to Blu-Ray today and the ability of purchasing and downloading or renting movies online or through cable. Movies are available in a large variety of genres and for people of all ages. With how fast technology has changed, I enjoy seeing classic movies and cartoons available with newer pieces of technology.

I still love to watch the same movies and cartoons I watched as a child and especially even more when I am watching them with my daughter. I love being able to laugh at the same exact moments that I did with my dad when I was her age with her today. Some of our older favorites we enjoy watching together are The Little Rascals, Dennis the Menace, Beauty and the Beast and Home Alone. Living here in St Paul, we do not have the luxury of going to a movie theater on a regular basis and watching a movie in theater so I appreciate having these old school movies to relate to together. I also appreciate being able to watch new movies through Dish Network with how costly renting movies can be overtime with late fees and how much purchasing movies is.

I enjoy movies that range from horror films, to comedies, to romance, to drama. As long as the movie is interesting and the story line sounds catchy I’ll probably watch it, although I don’t watch movies too often. Some of my favorites that I have watched numerous times are 21 Jump Street, The Hangover, Pineapple Express, Twilight and The Notebook. These movies all catch my attention for different reasons but mostly because they put me in a good mood.

Although movies are not my most used type of mass media, I do enjoy having them available. Movies allow a lot of time with my family and time relaxing with them on the weekends or when we just want to spend time together. They also allow a way for my daughter and I to relate and talk about our childhoods and doing the same thing years later.

JOUR 101: Final – Blog 4 – Music

Blog 4: Music

Music is my favorite of all of the different types of mass media. I am constantly listening to music on my phone, laptop and computer at work. It doesn’t matter where I am at or what I am doing I have to have music playing. I am guilty of being that person that plays songs repeatedly and makes them go out of fashion when I find one I enjoy. Whether it be to help me relax, get me in a cheerful mood, or play something my daughter enjoys music is conveniently there.

I enjoy a range of music genres to include pop, country, hip hop, and oldies depending on my mood. Some of my favorite artists/bands are Adele, Wiz Kahlifa, the Eagles and Ed Sheeran. These are a few artists/bands that I actually find myself enjoying a lot of their songs and not just one or two of dozens available. For specifics, some of my favorites songs are Desperado, the A Team, One and Only, Rolling in the Deep and Promises and most of these songs have been on my favorite list for years and because they remind me of loved ones. A lot of the songs I love take me back to happy places in the past and are one of the few memories I have of lost loved ones.

It doesn’t matter what I am doing, where I am at, or how I am feeling I need to have music in my life. I must admit, I spend way too much money on music because I enjoy it so much and the convenience of purchasing individual songs today as opposed to complete albums. Music is therapeutic and a way my daughter and I connect and relate jamming out to our favorite songs together. With so many genres and such a large variety of music available from the decades, there is a song for every mood or occasion and that is an advantage everyone can enjoy.

JOUR 101: Final – Blog 3 – Television

Blog #3 – Television

I wish I had something negative to say about television (TV), but it is so convenient and easily accessible I can’t. Unlike the radio, magazines or movies I feel like I have some type of control over the TV with how easy it is to change the channel and avoid a song or part of a movie that I do not enjoy. There are also so many shows out there that keep me entertained or are relatable I often find myself addicted to shows and having to watch new episodes weekly. I have a large variety of types of shows that I enjoy watching and cannot say that there is one particular type of TV show that attracts me.

A few of my favorite channels that I am always watching are A&E, MTV, Food Network, and HG. When I am not watching Disney channel and the shows my daughter wants to watch, I have a bunch of favorite shows to include Property Brothers, Pioneer Woman, Awkward, Duck Dynasty, Ink Masters, Lock Up and Forensic Files. I often find myself wasting electricity keeping the TV on 24/7 either because I forget to turn it off or I like having it on as background noise in the house.

I appreciate how reliable my cable is compared to the iffy Internet or listening to the radio where I may only like one or two songs that are being played out of the hours I listen to it. With the cable it is not very often that it does not work and I have the ability to change the channels or watch shows on DVR as I please if I am not in the mood to watch commercials. One of the final reasons I appreciate the TV in how it keeps my daughter occupied when I need to get homework done, cook dinner or clean up around the house and have nobody around to help keep her busy.

JOUR 101: Final – Blog 2 – Radio

Blog 2 – Radio

The radio is probably the first type of mass media that I can recall using or listening to. Living in a small village like St. Paul Island where there is one local radio station, KUHB, actually has its benefits when it comes to obtaining information on local job postings; community events; and entity’s hours of operation. To add to the convenience the radio provides, their website is equally helpful in how the station manager updates information daily there so if I miss the radio broadcast I can easily access it on their website. The radio station here is convenient in a variety of ways.

I do enjoy listening to the radio when I make my visits to Anchorage to find new music to purchase; however, I get tired of the stations very quickly considering how often they play the same songs. I guess now that I’m thinking about it, I can find new music in no time with the hourly redundancy J. At home, there is often the same songs being played on the stations, but that to me makes home feel like home because these songs are often the same ones I have listened to since I was a child on the same station. The radio here also allows the community to feel even closer in how often you can hear dedications to family members on their birthdays, anniversaries or graduation ceremonies with their special songs. I also have the option to turn on my iTunes and listen to my own music so it works out.

Now that I have discussed the radio and reasons why I love it, I realize how many of these reasons are sentimental and because it reminds me of my childhood. Although, I do not feel the radio is one of the best mass media options, it is still there and must be reliable as it has been around for years and is still around now.

JOUR 101: Final Project – Blog 1 – Print Media

Blog 1: Print Media

Print media has been around for years and is versatile so print media such as magazines can attract a large variety of readers. I have read magazines of different sorts for as long as I can remember. Magazines about fashion, hair, celebrity gossip, tattoos, and parenting are some of my favorites and I can imagine are popular to many others as well.

The first magazine that really caught my eye was Highlights as a child. I loved the little jokes, puzzles and stories included in the magazine and apparently still feel the same way about it today. I recently got these same magazines in the mail randomly and was pleasantly surprised when I realized my 7-year-old is around the same age I was when I grew interest in these magazines and she might too. The thought of her and I finding entertainment in the same thing years apart made me smile.

Today, I mostly read magazines when I am flying to and from Anchorage and need something to keep me entertained during the times I cannot use my cell phone. I mostly enjoy reading and doing the puzzles in celebrity gossip magazines such as People, OK! And Star magazine. Although I know most of the stories in the magazines are probably not true I find myself reading them as if they are. Although with today’s technology I do not always read print magazines, I read articles from these same magazines via Facebook and my phone. I also like to read Cosmopolitan when I have time to spare, I have read that magazine for years and enjoy the variety of reading options available with this magazine.

Although my reading materials have changed over time, magazines have been one of my favorite types of mass media for years. I have always enjoyed how magazines keep me occupied and are usually conveniently located; however, they are not something I like to buy frequently as they get pricy over time.

Jour 101 Midterm

Have you ever downloaded a song on your smart phone, tablet or computer? Ever decided to bypass iTunes, Google Music, or Amazon music and instead use your device’s app manager to download a free music-downloading app instead of paying for your song(s)? Without realizing it, a person doing this has just illegally downloaded a file and copyright laws, as basically “If you did not pay for a song, movie or other media file that has a copyright, then downloading that file is a crime. (”It may be easy to overlook these copyright laws and to even realize that what one may be doing is wrong because the files are so easily accessible on basically any device with Internet.

Illegally downloading music is such a big thing that an article by Lovoie discusses a recent case where a federal jury recently ordered a Boston University graduate student to pay $675,000, or $22,500 per song, for illegally downloading and sharing music after admitting to downloading and sharing 30 songs ( The article goes on to explain that this is only the nation’s second music illegal downloading of music case to go to trial and that the judge hit him wit the book because he admitted to downloading and sharing these files between an 8 year time period. According to the article, “Last month, a federal jury in Minneapolis ruled that Jimmie Thomas-Rasset, 32, must pay $1.92 million, or $80,000 on each of 24 songs, after concluding she willfully violated the copyrights on those tunes.”

I have mixed feelings about these trials. To me, it is crazy that a person can get charged so much money for sharing files inadvertently and I think in both cases the people were hit hard and almost used as an example to show the world that illegally downloading and sharing music is serious and will not be tolerated. I almost don’t want to admit that I am guilty of illegally downloading music for the sake of this paper with how these two cases were handled. I do agree that it is wrong to steal people’s music and basically work they spend all of their time creating. I know that if I were a singer (which I would never be considering I cant hold a tune for even a second!) I would be offended if my music was available on random apps and websites for free when I spent a lot of time and money getting them published with iTunes, Amazon, Google, etc.

I have also seen many albums get “leaked” and artists have to get smart on what their next move is going to be. Do they release the album early? Do they ignore the leak and continue working towards the album release as expected? There are many options and whoever the person is that is essentially stealing this music and sharing it may be doing the artist a favor. For example, I remember when Drake’s last album came out and was leaked right before the album was supposed to come out for sale I had a hard time even listening to the song before it was available for purchase knowing he wasn’t the one to put it out there. In the back of my mind, I did feel guilty about listening to the track and at the end of the day realized it was someone else’s work that was being messed with and felt just a little bit angry with the person(s) that did that and probably claimed to be Drake’s friend. As I’m sitting here talking like I’ve known the guy all of my life or something J.

With the Internet and capabilities of our smart phones and such, it is crazy how easy it is to commit a crime and not even realize you may be doing so. Instead of sending every single person that downloads and shares a song and commits a piracy crime, maybe these people should be focusing on the bigger picture and hitting the app and website developers that create and allow you to find music and access the files illegally instead of the people. I am not saying that downloading these songs is right and should be overlooked, but I do feel that artists already make crazy amounts of money regardless of the people that do share files without copyright permission and there are other ways to handle the issue. Well, I did think that until I read more on the subject and apparently forgot about the people behind the scenes that are affected by people pirating music. It is easy for me to think that it is just one person until this one person turns into 30 million more people downloading a song and a loss of 30 million to the music industry as a whole.

To continue on to the things I learned, according to the website, “One credible analysis by the Institute for Policy Innovation concludes that global music piracy causes $12.5 billion of economic losses every year, 71,060 U.S. jobs lost, a loss of $2.7 billion in workers’ earnings, and a loss of $422 million in tax revenues, $291 million in personal income tax and $131 million in lost corporate income and production taxes. (” These numbers are crazy high and shows the severity of piracy on the music industry. I would hate to think I lost out on a chunk of earnings as a person in the music industry because of the easy access to pirating music and sharing these files. The few songs getting downloaded and shared add up to a crazy amount of money being lost because someone out there decided they should essentially steal these songs and share them with the world for free.

I have never really thought of illegally downloading music and the severity of downloading and sharing a file and how it can affect the big picture. This assignment definitely made me take a step back and look at the effects this can have on many people and an industry as a whole; as well as, the repercussions for committing this crime in which most wont not think is a big deal in how it can turn into a big deal eventually.